3 More Sponsorships + Free Media Kit Resource

Three new sponsors to check out and a free media kit from our friends at Nerd or Die.


Another week, another newsletter.

We’ve added 3 new sponsorships for you to check out.

Plus a free media kit from our friends at Nerd or Die.

3 New Sponsorships


Type: Affiliate
Category: Hardware
Commission: 1%

SCAN is like a UK version of Newegg. If you live in the UK, we highly suggest this program for you and your audience.

Venom Gaming

Type: Sponsorship
Category: Controllers
Benefits: Free Products & Giveaways

Venom Gaming develops docking stations for controllers. Perfect program for console streamers.


Type: Affiliate & Sponsorship
Category: Software
Commission: Varies

GPORTAL provides game server rental services. Partners benefits include: free servers, affiliate link, keys for new games & more.

Free Media Kit from Nerd or Die

Our friends at Nerd or Die created a plug-and-play media kit that we recommend you take advantage of.

Think of a media kit as your resume. It provides brands and potential sponsors with an overview of who you are, your audience, and important stats.

Why we recommend you use a media kit:

  • Stand out from the competition. Most streamers don’t bother with media kits, so having one immediately makes you stand out.

  • Establish credibility. A media kit positions you as a professional who understands the importance of branding and promotion.

  • Showcase your reach and engagement. Combine key metrics that matter to sponsors, so they don’t have to find it themselves.

That’s all for now. See you next week!