3 New Sponsorships for Streamers

Plus a tutorial on how to use the filter to find opportunities that suit you!

Hey streamers,

This week’s newsletter is going to be short and sweet. It’s all about our Sponsorships and Affiliates resource page.

We’re diving into:

  • 3 new sponsorships added to the website

  • A quick tutorial on how to use the Filter 

  • Defining the difference between a sponsorship and affiliate

NEW: 2 Affiliates / 1 Sponsorship

Check out the following 3 opportunities we added in the past two weeks.


Type: Affiliate
Category: Computers
Commission: ??


Type: Affiliate
Category: Lighting
Commission: 15%

Freshen Up Energy

Type: Sponsorship
Category: Energy
Commission: ??

Filter Tutorial

Use the Filter to find affiliate or sponsorship deals catered to your interests or needs.

  • Use the Search feature to filter by category or type.

  • Use the Filter tab to filter by category, type, and our favorites.

A quick reminder on the difference between affiliates and sponsorships

An affiliate program is like when you help a friend sell lemonade, and they give you a little money for each cup you sell. 🍋💰

A Sponsorship is like when a company gives you special stuff (like cool gear or energy drinks) because you play games and tell others about them. 🎮👾

Small streamers are more likely to be accepted into affiliate programs, but earning money will be difficult.

Big streamers (Partners) are more likely to be eligible for sponsorships, but don’t let that stop you from applying to a program.

That’s it for this week. And if you enjoy newsletters focused on sponsorships, let us know!