Fairly Odd Streamers Makeover: Rebrand and New Site



  • ✨ Rebranded

  • 🚀 Built a new website

  • 📓 Updated all our content

Let’s check it out → → → → →

We like it and hope you do too!

Second, new website

and with that, the main part:

Resource Hub

The resource hub remains the same, except with refreshed content and a new layout for the sponsorships page.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Sponsorships: 100 sponsorship and affiliate opportunities for streamers

  • Graphics: 8 graphics options for streamers who want consistent, quality branding

  • Stream Software: Our 6 favorite broadcasting tools

  • Bots: 8 different chatbot options to automate the little things

  • Music: 12 options for copyright-free music to listen to while streaming

  • Analytics: 4 underutilized tools that can help you grow

  • Twitch Tools: Our favorite tools in one spot


If there’s one page I want you to visit, it’s this one.

Here’s the scoop:

  • 100 opportunities only. These are our favorites.

  • All programs are in table format where you can see more information.

  • Filter the table to narrow down your options.

  • Click on the brand name to view the program’s details.

  • Sponsorships have a built-in Application Template to help with the outreach process.

Blog and Interviews

Blog: All blog posts are updated. Currently working through more content that will be added on a consistent basis.

Interviews: Ported over all our interviews. Unfortunately, not many people were interested in the interview content, so we stopped. Maybe this will come back sometime in the future?

What’s next

Now that we’re officially DONE with the rebrand and site launch, our focus will turn towards content, resource pages and this newsletter.

Be on the lookout for next week’s newsletter where we’ll share a mind map that visualizes all aspects of streaming. Here’s a sneak peek 🤩 

That’s it for now! Speak soon.