3 Sponsorships, How to Grow Your Brand from 0 Followers & More

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Hey streamers 👋 

This week we’ve added FIVE new sponsorships to the website. Below we feature just 3 of those opportunities.

We also have share notes for growing a brand from ZERO followers.

3 New Sponsorships

Noble Chairs

Type: Affiliate
Category: Chairs
Commission: 5%


Type: Affiliate
Category: Stream engagement & moderator
Commission: 10%

Swift Grips

Type: Affiliate
Category: Controllers
Commission: 8%

Notes: How to Grow Your Brand from 0 Followers

Last year, Devin Nash shared his video Exactly How to Grow a Massive Brand from ZERO Followers. It’s a 3-step approach on how to grow a sustainable following. Here’s a recap for you.

1. Considerations for Growing a Brand

  • Understand Your Brand: Begin by asking yourself what makes your brand unique and how it stands out. This involves focusing on a specific niche that resonates with your unique value proposition.

  • Identify Your Platforms: Choose the platform(s) where your content will have the most impact, based on your strengths and where your audience spends their time.

  • Define Your Product/Service: Clearly understand the value you're providing to your audience. This clarity helps in creating content that resonates with your target demographic.

  • Know Your Audience: Determine who your customers are and where they spend most of their time online. This insight guides where and how to syndicate your content.

2. Zero to One Strategy

Connect with potential viewers or customers by engaging in discussions where your topics are already being talked about, without directly promoting your brand.

  • Engagement: Engage on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord by adding valuable input to conversations without any expectation of immediate follow-back or promotion.

  • Consistency and Value: The focus is on consistent engagement and providing value, which in turn builds a genuine following from the ground up.

3. Syndication and Platform Strategy

  • Syndication: Repurpose your content across different platforms to maximize reach. This involves adapting long-form content for shorter, platform-specific posts.

  • Choosing Platforms: Focus on a primary platform for in-depth content while using one or two other platforms for syndication. The choice depends on where your content fits best and where your target audience is most active.

    • Twitch/Kick/YouTube for in-depth livestreaming.

    • TikTok/YouTube Shorts for sharing clips from your streams.

    • Twitter for voicing your thoughts and networking with others.

  • Funnel Approach: Use a marketing funnel strategy where you draw in audiences from broad platforms and guide them towards more dedicated engagement channels, ultimately leading to monetization opportunities.

  • Marketing Strategy: Emphasizes building trust and providing free, valuable content before asking for any form of monetary support. The strategy advocates for patience, consistency, and authenticity in brand building, highlighting that successful branding requires understanding the value exchange between you and your audience.

This comprehensive approach underlines the importance of knowing your brand's unique value, engaging with your audience without overt promotion, effectively using content syndication, and patiently building a trusted relationship with your audience for long-term success.

Next week we’re going to provide a case study from a streamer who grew from 0-100 viewers based on the principles outlined above.

Long-term, we want to share growth opportunities for smaller streamers. That can be through: finding trends through data, reverse-engineering success stories, various resources/tools, and other creative solutions.

If you have any ideas, reach out!