Stream Setup → 🎥 The Best Streaming Software for Twitch

Take a look at our 4 favorite software options for streamers.

Hey streamers,

Today we’re taking a look at the best stream software for Twitch.

Streaming software is an essential tool for streamers. It allows you to broadcast your gameplay, webcam, and other visual elements to your viewers, while also managing overlays, chat, and more.

For simplicity, we’re only going to look at four software solutions: two free, two paid.

View our full list of streaming software recommendations (9 total):

OBS Studio

Price: Free
Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux
Best for: Beginners to advanced streamers who want full control and customization.


  • Open source and community supported

  • Supports multiple sources and scenes

  • Integrates with many plugins and platforms


  • Can be complex and overwhelming for beginners

  • Requires more CPU and RAM resources

  • No built-in chat or alerts

Twitch Studio

Price: Free
Available on: Windows
Best for: New streamers who want a simple and intuitive streaming software.


  • Designed specifically for Twitch

  • Provides guidance and templates for setup

  • Includes chat, alerts, and activity feed features


  • Limited customization and functionality

  • No support for multiple platforms or sources

  • Only works for Twitch and no mobile version


Price: Freemium ($19/month)
Available on: Web-based (all software)
Best for: Streamers who want to multicast, quickly and easily.


  • Supports over 30 streaming platforms

  • Offers analytics, chat, and scheduling features

  • Easy to set up and use


  • Free plan has limited features and branding

  • Premium plan can be expensive for some users

  • No scene switching or editing options


Price: Free, or premium for $60/year
Available on: Windows
Best for: Gamers who want a professional and powerful streaming software.


  • Offers high-quality video and audio

  • Supports chroma key, transitions, and annotations

  • Includes a game source that optimizes game capture


  • Free plan has watermarks and ads

  • Premium plan can be costly for some users

  • Not available on Mac or Linux

Configuring Your Chosen Software

Once you've picked your software, it's time to dive into the settings.

Instead of getting lost in technical details, we’ll recommend resources for configuring settings specific to your chosen software.


Because the nature of these tools means frequent updates and evolving configurations. And we’re not the tech-savvy experts, which is why we shared our favorite tutorials above.

Here's your streamlined plan:

  1. Review your software's documentation: Most programs offer comprehensive guides covering audio, video, and stream quality setup. These act as your starting point, providing a solid foundation for your stream.

  2. Leverage online resources: Remember, the internet is your friend! Need to customize beyond the basics? YouTube and forums are full of tutorials and troubleshooting tips for specific features and challenges.

  3. Stay adaptable: Software updates are frequent, bringing new features and adjustments. Embrace the learning process and enjoy exploring the evolving capabilities of your chosen program.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between understanding the fundamentals and adapting to the dynamic nature of software. By utilizing the available resources and embracing a flexible approach, you'll be well on your way to mastering your stream set up.